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How do you break down the cost of website maintenance?

Are “Website Support Services” worth it?

Well, that depends on how you value your time, and what you enjoy doing in your off time. WordPress Maintenance takes between 2 and 3 hours per month if you have a relatively stable website. What is the opportunity cost for this “working time” during the week? If you value your time at $50/Hour, it’s pretty easy math, right? Between $100 and $150 dollars per month.  Even if your time is valued at $25/Hour, there are WP Maintenance Plans out there for less than $75/Month.

Finally, if you factor in the assumed value of all the elements usually included in these tiered “Plans”, you’ll find…

  • Quick Fix Development Time, usually valued at $50/Hour and up
  • “Virtual Insurance” against Website Hackers – Almost Priceless!
  • Hosting, sometimes up to $20/Month for Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Website Backups, Off-Site Cloud Storage, Site Restore Services
  • 24/7 Service Call Options

All of these things take time, and a professional web developer has the added advantage of being set up to be efficient at all of these tasks whereas most small business owners might not be familiar with the internal workings of WordPress, or best practices when it comes to securing their website. In conclusion, weighing the opportunity cost of learning how to build and maintain your website if it isn’t something you already do, WordPress Maintenance makes a lot of sense.

Professional WordPress Website Development

  • 50% Deposit Plus Expenses
  • Up to 3 Pages | $450
  • Up to 6 Pages | $900
  • Up to 8 Pages | $1,200
  • **** Based on Complexity ****
  • **** Payment Plans Available ****

JazzCo Web’s WordPress Site Maintenance Pricing Tables


  • Includes Hosting
  • Server Monitoring
  • Site Backup & Storage
  • WordPress Core, Theme, & Plugin Updates
  • Site Restore (24 Hours)
  • 30 Minutes Development ($35 Value)


  • + Standard Support
  • + Premium Support
  • Premium Plugins
  • Security Monitoring
  • Eyes on Your Site
  • Web analytics
  • 6-10 Hours Site Restore
  • 2 Development Hours ($140 Value)


  • + Standard support
  • Security Monitoring
  • 12 Hours Site Restore
  • 1 Development Hour ($70 Value)

Already have a GoDaddy Account?

JazzCo Web Design, Hosting,Maintenance is a “Pro” GoDaddy Reseller,
and has been a strategic partner with GoDaddy for the last 10 years.

  • Option #1: You can move your Web Assets (Domains, Email Packages, SSL Certificates) to the JazzCoWeb Platform (JCW) and be assured of our stability and ongoing relationship with GoDaddy.
  • Option #2: As an alternative, you can keep your GoDaddy Account with all of your Web Assets, and allow JazzCoWeb to manage the technical configuration of your account through JazzCoWeb’s Pro Reseller Membership with GoDaddy. Setting up limited access to your existing account by clicking the badge below has never been easier of more intuitive, and with that you can grant JCW access to limited areas within your existing GoDaddy Account. All of your personal & payment information remains private (visible only to you), but will JCW to continue to give you the same end-to-end technology concierge services we provide members who move their accounts over to the JazzCoWeb Platform.